Sam King

solo software studio with a focus on web3

I’m looking to work with people, not for them. I want to help bring people’s ideas to life. I want to create work that’s accessible. I want to create work for public good. I want to explore new mediums and technology, while also being part of positive change.


  • Honesty
  • Authenticity
  • Curiosity
  • Accessibility


  • Art & Photography
  • Public goods
  • Healthcare
  • Decentralization


  • Fullstack software
  • Smart contracts
  • Product design
  • web3 consulting


  1. Roots

    Photography, Fullstack, Smart contracts

  2. ICE64

    Photography, Frontend, Smart contracts

  3. Drops

    Photography, Frontend, Smart contracts

with others

  1. Fount Gallery: Drivers by Everfresh

    Frontend, Smart contracts

  2. Fount Gallery: The Garden

    Frontend, Smart contracts

  3. Behold The Ocean

    Frontend, Smart contracts

  4. Legend Maps

    Smart contracts

  5. Void Runners


  6. Pre-Studio work

    Product Design